This is how your friends are destroying your love life

David saw Ally during the party at a common friend's house and they exchanged glances. David thought that Ally is extremely beautiful and he wanted to know her more. Before leaving party David left a note for Ally that he like her and would like to meet again The next day, Ally shared her experience... Continue Reading →

Relationship at Twenties

Whenever someone says relationship at 20, the first thing that pops in our head is the question, “Is it right to have a relationship when you are 20?” Well, the answer is Yes and No. It has both its pros and cons, mainly depending upon who you are in relationship with and why you are... Continue Reading →

How to be more Understanding in relationship

People are together because they believe in love and happiness. Everyone in relationships pretty much want the same things: love, security, trust.To build more fulfilling relationship, one need to understand deeper feelings of self and partner. You might think that you understand your partner but knowing few behaviours and truly understanding some is two different... Continue Reading →

10 Inspirational Books That Can Change Your LifeFiction1.Beloved by Toni Morrison"Something that is loved is never lost."I read this novel after my father died, and this quote stayed with me and helped me heal. I hope this gem can comfort you too.2. The Alchemist by Paul Coelho"It's the possibility of having a dream come true... Continue Reading →

Benefits of Walking Barefoot

Benefits of Walking BarefootHave you ever wondered why it felt so wonderful to fall asleep on the sand, or lie on the earth looking up at the clouds? Do you notice how different you feel when you sleep on the ground under the stars?According to a new book called Earthing by Martin Zucker, you were... Continue Reading →

Diet For Meditation

Diet For Meditation Diet is very important, especially at first. If you are eating heavy foods, such as meat (particularly red meat), you are going to feel heavy. In the Hindu tradition foods have been categorized into three classes: tamasic (sluggish), rajasic (energetic), and sattvic (light). In a nutshell, tamasic foods consist of animal meat, fermented... Continue Reading →

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