Two Destructive Relationship Patterns

Ever wondered how these two habits can actually lead you to a relationship that may be on the brink of a break up? Read on...

Are you falling for your hook-up?

People often fall in for their hook-up thinking its love. Actually, it may just be good sex or a vacuum filled within; whatever be the case, there are ways to avoid getting into something that is not a relationship, but looks like one. Read here to know how you can avoiding falling in for your casual hook-up.

The Powerful Secret to A Loving Relationship

A couple can have similar values, interests, and be very attracted to each other, yet still not have a loving relationship if this secret ingredient is missing. Without this essential ingredient, all the other wonderful attributes will make the relationship incomplete. 

Brighthen Up All Your Relationships

A lot of our happiness is contingent on people who matter to us; people whom we love. Being together and sharing the space is great, but how do you build the quantity and quality in a relationship? Here are some tips...

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