This is how your friends are destroying your love life

David saw Ally during the party at a common friend’s house and they exchanged glances. David thought that Ally is extremely beautiful and he wanted to know her more. Before leaving party David left a note for Ally that he like her and would like to meet again

The next day, Ally shared her experience with her friend and show her the note and she mentioned that she really liked him and would like to meet again.

Looking at the note her best friend disregarded it immediately.

“He is a playboy and just wants to sleep with you and you deserve better, leave it he is not worth.

A year later Ally crossed path with David again and realised that he is married and when he approached Ally year back he was looking for a serious relationship

Ally shared with me that she felt stupid for blowing him off 

This may be jealousy or hidden attempt to be better than you, but sometimes even the best of friends can break up a seemingly perfect relationship.

There are 5 ways when your friends could destroy your relationship

Friends who need all your attention: If your friends constantly complain about you spending more time with your love, they are unsettled with the idea that you have got something better to do. Real friends give you a choice. Bad friends only care about their own fun. Sometime your friends can also give you guild trip for spending more time with your love

They keep tab more than you : If your friend is constantly telling you what they saw on your lover’s social media, they’re doing too much. Your friends shouldn’t be constantly running surveillance on your relationship.

Friends disrespect your partner. If your friends speak ill about your partner in their absence or treat them disrespectfully while hanging out together. This would reflect badly on you as a lover.

Friends who flirt with your partner. These are worst friends who flirt with your partner behind your back. If there is a long conversation between your partner and friend when you’re not around, there’s a good chance that your friend is looking for ways to break both of you and enter the picture

They seek more information about your relationship: Not every detail of your relationship should be up for sharing. Your friends shouldn’t be constantly asking you for more and more information about your relationship when you’ve shared all you’re comfortable with. Your relationship can not always be topics to discuss.

There is a possibility that your partner may not like it when you share your relationship’s intimate details with your friends. To ensure that your friends aren’t affecting your relationship, avoid talking about intricate details with your friends.

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