How to be more Understanding in relationship

People are together because they believe in love and happiness. Everyone in relationships pretty much want the same things: love, security, trust.
To build more fulfilling relationship, one need to understand deeper feelings of self and partner. You might think that you understand your partner but knowing few behaviours and truly understanding some is two different things. Most of the time partners complain to each other is because they are not getting their needs met. Do I matter to him/her? Simple act of affection can take care of that need.

  1. Understand your own feelings & motivations.
    Before we try to understand another person we need to understand ourself. Do you know yourself? What are the things that make you happy, sad, angry or inspire you? If you know the answers to these questions about yourself, then it can be easy for you to look at your partner and understand their own struggle
  2. You can’t be always right.
    Understanding partner listen to what the other person has to say. You are not always right and most of the time pushing your point of views to hard can hurt your partner more and can even lead to an argument instead of a resolution. Remember, is the argument important or your partner
  3. Let your partner explain.
    If you think that your partner did something wrong and you are feeling angry or disappointed, give them a chance to explain. Sometimes, people in a relationship tend to choose anger and react damaging emotional outbursts before actually talking to their partner.
  4. There is life outside of your relationship.
    Understanding also means that your relationship is not the center of the universe – and it goes the same with your significant other. In other words, don’t force your partner to make your relationship their number one priority – and this includes giving them the freedom to just live and have fun, even if you’re not around.

Understand that other person is not just as a partner but also as a human being capable of different feelings and emotions. It’s impossible to truly learn how to understand someone if you don’t know them: their strengths, their joys, their fears, and also their imperfections.
As a partner, you have to take your time to get to know your partner better. It might take months or years but it will all be worth it, especially if you want your relationship to last.

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