Does your checklist have these points to find a right partner?


We all look forward to a set of qualities in our life partner. We have this mental checklist and we would like to be with someone according to that. I understand that we are living in a time where broken relationships are all around us, so picking the right person may seem quite challenging.

At the same time, we also live in a world where we have a 30-day return policy on almost everything we purchase and when it comes to a life partner, there’s absolutely no room for that.

Most commonly heard list goes like this:

  • Loyal & Honest
  • Loving
  • Caring
  • Fun Loving
  • Talk about issues, good communicator
  • Respectful
  • Accept me for who I am
  • Kind
  • Sensitive

These qualities are good and traits of common sense. But they do not suffice to build the checklist that will lead to a foundation for a stronger relationship. You may like to go deeper and have a more meaningful checklist, which is best for you. I am sharing a few points to give you an idea as to what you must look for:

Dependable: You must be able to rely on your partner. Your partner must be able to support you emotionally and uphold their commitments.

Shared Values: Having important things in common can help you build a solid ground for your future, together. For example: If you value honesty, you may want a partner who values honesty too and does not believe in lying and getting away. 

Being playful and silly with you: Both you and your partner shouldn’t have a problem being playful with, and exposing their inner child. This should be effortless and without any inhibition and judgment.

Respect your views: It may be a possibility you do not share the same opinion as your partner or the other way around where they do not share the same opinion as yours, but having a partner who can respect your views is crucial. This way, you both discuss more of each others’ views than ending up arguing.

Brings out the best in you /Inspires you: An ideal partner is one who inspires you and the one that makes you a “better you”.

Sexual attraction: This is an important element on the checklist which connects couples together and it is crucial to keep the spark alive.

I can go on and on with this list, however, your entire life is a mirror reflection of who you are, which includes your partner. If you want to see a beautiful picture in the mirror, the person in front of the mirror should be worthy of it.

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