Relationship Window Shopping 

“You’re window shopping, just window shopping, You’re only looking around… You’re not buying, you’re just trying, To find the best deal in town.” Hank Williams

Romantic window shopping involves browsing through people with no intent to initiate a profound romantic relationship.

Flirting is a typical example of romantic window shopping. It raises the possibility of romance, but remains at a distance from the idea of dating.

How do you know, are you a part of his window shopping or he is serious, let’s look at few indicative behaviours:

1. Smile: If you notice him smiling at you with gleam in his eyes, there is big possibility that he is interested in you.

2. Touch: He will subconsciously try to touch you, lean forward and turn his shoulder to you while speaking.

3. Treats you specially: When he pays attention to you and remembers what you say. Notice, how he treats others around him and does he treat you differently and in a special way?

4. If he asks “are you single?”: If he expresses interest in whether or not you are single, he wants to know if you are available. This is another possibility that he is interested beyond window shopping.

If he says “How come a girl like you is single…” that’s him flirting

These indicative behaviours would help to understand, if he is emotionally connected to you or you are just part of his window shopping. If you are ok with casual and non committed fling then that’s your guy. But if you want something more, then you might focus on the guy who focused on you.

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