Are you forcing him / her into a relationship?


You can’t force someone to love you, you cannot force your way into someone’s heart. Has your partner told you or shown you, that he / she loves you? If not, there’s a chance they are not interested in the relationship.

Forcing someone to be in a relationship with you, will give you nothing other than a broken heart and misery. Some people don’t realize if they are forcing someone to love them.

Sometimes they think they are “determined”, but end up pushing the other person away. I have seen that some people also believe that they know what the other person wants and what they are, but often they end up in a relationship which is only in their heads, but the reality is totally different.

Few signs that you are forcing your way in:

  1. You are overly anxious or fearful just thinking about saying and doing anything that relates to the relationship.
  2. You withhold relevant facts, stretch the truth a little bit and only say good things to get the desired outcome.
  3. The responsibility of sustaining the relationship rests solely on you.
  4. You feel that you always have to impress, persuade, manipulate, convince, beg or work a trick or technique to get the other person to agree or comply.
  5. You use rewards (Gifts, Compliments etc.) to get other person to participate in the relationship.
  6. You possibly are complaining about consideration toward your feelings and concerns.
  7. You use the other person’s challenges, fears, insecurities and indicate toward regrettable consequences if they don’t comply.
  8. The relationship feels like fighting your way through a brick wall.

There are times when you have to do things to make a relationship happen. If you feel that imposing your will on the other person is the only way the relationship can work, then you are not doing the right thing, you are forcing yourself into their life / heart.

When you try to push, you struggle. When you struggle you slow down and the worse is you even lose the bond you have.

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