Experiencing Freedom in Love

Today is 15th August and the whole country is celebrating 70th year of freedom. I was reading through posts on Facebook and messages on WhatsApp, that everyone is talking about freedom.

A thought came to me that, when we are in a relationship with someone, we always look for SUPPORT & FREEDOM, but there will always be times when we ask how much is too much. Should I show her more love, or should I back away and leave some space for her. This is very critical because if you back away too much, she may feel abandoned. But if you give it all, she may feel chained etc.

It is a very important question you need to figure out when you are in a relationship, and unfortunately there are no guidelines or rules, so am putting a few points which may help:

Freedom of alone/me time: Everyone needs some alone time, a time when she can do whatever she wants. So give your partner a personal space once in a while. For example, let her be with her friends.

Freedom to be different: It is a fact known to all that no two people are alike. We are different personalities and we deal with life differently. In a long-term relationship, both the partners fail to understand this and it leads to conflicts .

Freedom to pursue different activities: Allowing your partner to do what she likes goes to show the level of understanding you both share. “after being in long term relationships, many of us fail to give time to other relationships. But it is important to bond with your friends and nurture what you have.

Freedom to be imperfect: Accepting your partner with some bad habits, which may be leaving his wet towel on the sofa. Lets understand that, none of us are perfect and therefore it is essential to communicate with your partner about each other’s flaws. Let go off imperfections for a change and give yourselves a chance to laugh over them.

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